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Furniture storage

As Israel’s biggest self-storage company, we at Avia Storage also have a perfect solution for furniture storage.

How do you do it right?

Storage of furniture can refer to a wide variety of topics, but here we focus on furniture storage for specific personal or business needs, such as moving between apartments, renovation that requires storage of the apartment’s contents, relocation or downsizing.

Who needs furniture storage?

After all, furniture storage is not different from storage of other contents such as electrical appliances (e.g. refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher). The storage facility is designed for both domestic and business customers. For domestic customers, storage is mainly used when moving apartments, going through a partial or full house renovation or going for relocation. Moving to a smaller apartment may also require furniture storage, in case some furniture don’t fit in but may be used in the future. For businesses, furniture storage can be used especially in cases of downsizing the office or renovation, where some expensive or dedicated furniture cannot be stored locally at the offices for a certain period of time. Sometimes, a business may purchase furniture for future use, and the cost of an external furniture storage is cheaper than paying the supplier for extra storage.

What should you check before choosing a storage for your furniture?

Before renting a storage unit (or storage room, as we prefer to call it) it is highly recommended to pay a short visit to the storage facility and to check its opening hours? Most of Avia Storage’s locations are accessible 24/7, so you use your storage room during weekends, holidays, outside rush hours, whenever you want. It is also important to check the cleanliness of the facility – at Avia Storage, we have daily cleaning and periodic pest control.

It is also important to check the security measures – Avia’s location have strict security measures such as CCTV security and access is permitted to customers (and employees) only, by entering the storage facility by a personal smart card and a personal secret code. Another thing to check is insurance – Avia has a highly comprehensive insurance policy, that covers almost every possible damage. So, we advise you not to be tempted by “cheap” storage services, that may eventually end in frustration.

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    Why choose us?

    מחסנים שמורים ומבוקרים

    Warehouses are maintained and controlled

    אייקון שקל בצבע ירוק

    Warehouses of different sizes - saving on storage costs

    אייקון מיקום בצבע ירוק

    Nationwide locations

    אייקון זמן 24/7 בצבע ירוק

    24/7 access

    אייקון אחסון קופסה בצבע ירוק

    The largest self-storage company in Israel

    ביטוח תכולה

    Comprehensive storage insurance

    (Including earthquakes)

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