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Storage Services

Enjoy a variety of leading storage services

Avia Storage Services provides you with advanced storage services throughout the country. Whether you require storage of apartment contents, belongings or other equipment, we offer the best and most suitable solution for you, as well as leading and professional service. We offer you rental spaces with 24-hour security and relevant security procedures, as necessary. We also provide moving and packaging services, based on your varying preferences and needs.

Our diverse services are provided by a professional and skilled team of appropriately trained individuals, meticulously chosen in order to offer you the best. Every storage solution is tailor made to the needs of each customer based on the items for storage. Customers who seek for complementary services are offered a wide array of related solutions – making the packing, moving and storage process easier, simpler and more convenient.

Call us at +972-73-796-8010 or complete the contact form on the right and you will be able to enjoy our professional and leading service. Whatever option you choose, we will place the best experts and most professional team at your disposal to accompany you throughout the entire process.

So if you are interested in warehouse rental services, whether it’s for long term storage in Israel or a short term storage, in spacious storage spaces, contact us, and one of our representatives will assist you shortly.

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    Why choose us?

    מחסנים שמורים ומבוקרים

    Warehouses are maintained and controlled

    אייקון שקל בצבע ירוק

    Warehouses of different sizes - saving on storage costs

    אייקון מיקום בצבע ירוק

    Nationwide locations

    אייקון זמן 24/7 בצבע ירוק

    24/7 access

    אייקון אחסון קופסה בצבע ירוק

    The largest self-storage company in Israel

    ביטוח תכולה

    Comprehensive storage insurance

    (Including earthquakes)

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      מחסן להשכרה | מחסנים להשכרת תכולת דירה

      To contact our storage experts
      call 073-796-8010
      and we will be happy to answer any questions
      and advise you on the storage of the contents of the apartment without any obligation