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PO Box 453, Kibbutz Harel

Office hours

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Sun-Thu: 08:00-16:00

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Friday: 08:00-12:30

Holiday Hours

Office hours during holidays

Dear Customers,

In the days listed below there will be changes in the operation hours of service by phone and in the reception of the Harel and Sdey Hemed branches. Costumers who have a smart chip can access their units as usual.

Wishing you happy holidays,

Avia Team

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Rosh Hashana Eve, 6/09/2021 : 8:00-12:30

שעות פעילות

Rosh Hashana, 7-8/09/2021 : Closed

שעות פעילות

Yom Kippor Eve, 16/09/2021 : Closed

שעות פעילות

Yom Kippur, 16/09/2021 : Closed

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Sukkot Eve, 20/09/2021 : 8:00-12:30

שעות פעילות

Sukkot, 21/09/2021 : Closed

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Sukkot Intermediate Days, 22-24/09/2021 : 8:00-12:30

שעות פעילות

Sukkot Intermediate Days, 26-27/09/2021 : 8:00-12:30

שעות פעילות

Simhat Torah, 28/09/2021 : Closed

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    To contact our storage experts
    call 073-796-8010
    and we will be happy to answer any questions
    and advise you on the storage of the contents of the apartment without any obligation