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Accessibility Statement 

At Avia Storage, We strive to make our organization and our website accessible to individuals with disabilities in order to promote equal rights and transparency for people with disabilities. .

The Essence of an Accessible Website

An accessible website enables individuals with disabilities to browse with the same level of efficiency and enjoyment as other users, utilizing the capabilities of the system on which it operates, using assistive technologies for accessibility.

Implementation of Accessibility Adjustments on the Website

Accessibility arrangements at the company’s branches

Avia Storage makes the company’s locations accessible, in order to serve all its customers in an equal and respectful manner. We operate extensively in the field of service accessibility and accessibility adjustments.

Branch Address An accessible road from the entrance to the
area of ​​the accessible warehouses
An accessible toilet Waiting area with
accessible chairs
Intercom is accessible to
people with disabilities
Harel Kibbutz Harel exists exists exists Entry without the
need for an intercom
Yad Binyamin 4 Ovadia, Yad Binyamin exists exists exists exists
Petah Tikva
Kiryat Matlon
Gonen 3, Petah Tikva exists exists exists exists
Petah Tikva
Kiryat Aryeh
Avshalom Gisin 75, Petah Tikva exists exists exists exists
Tzur Yigal Industrial area in front of Tzur Yigal exists exists exists exists
SDOT HEMED An industrial area near SDOT HEMED exists exists exists Entry without the
need for an intercom
Netanya 42 Kader St., Netanya exists exists exists exists
Haifa “The Bay” 37 Yekutiel Beharev St., Haifa exists exists exists exists

The accessibility coordinator in the organization

Name: Yair Hikri
Phone: 077-2121311 extension 511
Fax: 03-7601088
Email: [email protected]

The accessibility statement was updated on 01/01/2024